Never Ask, “So What Do You Think?”


You’ve been chatting up your MLM business opportunity to prospects and they have agreed to review your information package, attend a presentation, try your product, watch a DVD, visit your website, etc.

Naturally, you want to know their opinion on any and all information they have reviewed so far.

So what do you do next?

NEVER ask, “So what do you think?”

Instead, pose any of the following questions to your prospect:

“What do you like best about what you read?”

“What do you like most about the company presentation?”

“What part of the DVD presentation did you find most interesting?”

“What appeals to you more – the products, the income opportunity, or both?”

“What interests you most about the company?”

The answer your prospect offers will provide the next logical step for you to follow.

Your focus can now be on providing additional information that is of greatest interest to them (tell them more about the company, the business opportunity, product line, time freedom, how to create an early retirement plan option, etc).

With a little practice, by incorporating these questions into your follow up, your business-building results should improve.



  1. Great advice for sales in any industry…

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