What’s Your Leadership Rule?

I have a hard and fast personal leadership rule. It goes like this:

You have my unwavering commitment to help you become as successful as you want to be.

I will run all day and all night with my team members to help them achieve their goals, because when they succeed my success is assured by default. I do this not only for my personally sponsored team members, but also for those individuals downline who reveal themselves as potential leaders.

If you put forth the effort to help your newest team member build a business, and they do not reciprocate by calling to book you for appointments, three-way or Skype calls or face-to-face meetings with potential prospects, then any failure to achieve success is on them – not on you.

You held up your end of the bargain, and that’s all you can do. You cannot do for them or want for them more than they must want for themselves. Period. End of story.

What’s your personal leadership rule?



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