Are You Selling Packs or Building Teams?

What’s your focus when talking to an interested prospect about your MLM?

Are you thinking about the $50, $100 or $200+ you’re going to earn on selling a starter pack? Or are you thinking more long term, as in training and educating this person to be a well-informed, productive, professional member of your team?

We all know that not everyone will want to become involved in the business. But you should always make them aware of the business opportunity your company has to offer. Give them the choice to say yes or no. Don’t prejudge or make the decision for them!

Why does this modification in mindset matter? Because it makes all the difference in whether or not you will create a team of leaders who become capable of generating a lifetime of residual income for you.

Amateurs sell packs. Professionals build teams.



  1. Hi Gary,
    This is an awesome post that of which you have written. Although before I go into details about your post, I would like to wish you and your family a Happy Easter. I hope that your day was a blessed one. In addition to that, I most certainly agree with you that there are a number of people within this industry that only concern themselves with the selling of product packs and the recruiting of others into their organization.

    In fact, the leadership and training is lacking on the sponsors end. Therefore, with that being said the persons that are responsible for only concerning themselves with the selling of product packs often times leave their new representative/ business partner high and dry and in a total pit of darkness leaving them struggling to figure out this business/industry by themselves. I now truly understand why network marketing is looked down upon by numerous amounts of people. Because we have individuals that are more interested in the selling of product packs than being interested in learning how to build relationships with their prospects and recruits.

    • Hi Tynesha.

      Thanks for your kind Easter wishes. Same to you and yours. It’s us to each of us to change a negative opinion in another about network marketing by our actions. The way you present yourself as a leader and the values you choose to impart to your team will make the difference.

    • You are more than welcome Gary. In addition to that, I absolutely agree with you there. This actually relates to the saying that actions speak louder than words and that if we want to attract leaders to our teams then we must do the work of a leader. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom and knowledge through your blog.

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