Part 2 of 5: Key Concepts To Grow Your MLM

Part 2 of 5: Use your sponsor for “third party” validation.

Promote your sponsor as Guest Presenter at your meeting and take the pressure off of you completely.

Your sponsor is seen by your guests as the expert. This is especially effective when many of your invited guests are friends or business colleagues.

Like it or not, all of these people have an opinion of you (generally a favorable one, otherwise they wouldn’t have agreed to attend your meeting).

They have no preconceived opinion of your sponsor.

This makes it a much more comfortable experience for them. They can feel free to ask all the hard questions they want and receive answers from an unbiased third party.

Just make sure you take plenty of notes! Every time your sponsor presents a meeting on your behalf you should consider this a mentorship opportunity to train and learn in the process.


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