Part 5 of 5: Key Concepts To Grow Your MLM

Part 5 of 5: Promote your team training tools and success system to your prospects and existing team members.

Everyone on your team must know that you have a proven training system in place. One of the key reasons for this is to reduce or alleviate fear.

New team members, to one degree or another, are afraid. They might not tell you so, but they are. They have invested in your company and its products. They have invested in the network marketing “dream” (it’s not a dream, but rather work. More on that in a later post). Most importantly, they have invested in you. Now they are looking to you for support.

Read that last line again. Just because you have a great training system in place doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Now it’s time to come to the table like you said you would. Don’t go over the system once and expect your new team member to become an expert overnight. It’s going to take time. Work with them. In the process, fear will be replaced by confidence.

Make sure they know you are available to help them. Book a one-on-one and go over the system with them (in person, over the phone, via Skype, etc). Provide on-going upline support. Conduct monthly in-depth training meetings for all new team members who want to build a business.

Your objective as a team leader should be to promote an organizational culture that focuses on empowerment, personal growth, duplication and leadership development.

Great team tools and a solid training system should go a long way to helping you accomplish that.



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