The Power of Storytelling

About nine months ago, I witnessed one of the fastest pain reduction responses I’ve ever seen a guest experience with my network marketing company’s products.

One of our guests had been suffering with chronic neck and low back pain for many years to the point he was unable to perform even simple daily tasks, such as shoulder checking when driving or leaning over to slip on his shoes. Over the years he had sought treatment from numerous health professionals, including traditional medical doctors and specialists, as well as experts in various fields of alternative medicine.  It seems he was unable to find relief to any great degree.

He attended our public presentation with his wife – rather reluctantly and with great skepticism about network marketing products, as we later learned – and was one of the last guests we helped that evening. Within ten minutes or so of using our products his pain was so dramatically reduced he was able to experience full range of motion in his neck. Gingerly, he leaned forward and touched his knees with his fingertips. Minutes later, he sat down and touched his shoes. He had been able to experience a level of pain relief beyond all expectation. His results completely blew everyone away – other guests and members of my team included. That was a highlight for me and, of course, for him and his wife. I was extremely proud to be associated with my company and our products that night. I’ll never forget it.

In the above story*, I connected a true story to a product experience. Perhaps more importantly it wasn’t my experience, but rather that of one of our guests. Hopefully you were able to appreciate how significant and life-changing this was for everyone involved.

What if I had just explained, from a scientific point of view, how our products accomplished this for our guest through ‘a process of photobiomodulation and photo therapy, stimulating the flow of blocked energy in the body and thereby’ blah, blah, blah, zzzzzz. Still with me? I thought I saw you nod off for a sec. Would you have been as interested? Would you have even cared?

Probably not.

Here’s why.

Telling a story allows us to paint a mental picture and make an emotional connection with another person. Black and white scientific mumbo jumbo “here’s-why-our-product-is-better-than-theirs” is a less than impressive way to present your product to a prospect.

For every product you have in your MLM,  create a factual, real-life story around how it was used to help another person to one degree or another.

Telling stories will draw your audience in, promote product inquiries, and ultimately help you build your business.

*No health claim relative to the use of any product for the cure, mitigation or treatment of a medical condition or disease is made or implied. This information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only.


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