It’s All About Follow Up

I heard from several members of my team last week who have been less active than others in building their business, but boy were they excited!

They are all leading equally busy lives and careers. It’s certainly not a stretch to say they are doing their level best just to fit their network marketing business into a calendar that is already bursting at the seams.

In every case, the reason for their excitement was this. As a result of persistent and diligent follow up, they had finally been able to make schedules work and book appointments with their prospects.

No character trait impresses me more than persistence.


Because it’s the lifeblood of network marketing, yet this is where it falls apart for the majority of individuals. Yes, they are motivated. Yes, they want to succeed in MLM. But they fail to do the one simple thing that could make a world of difference for them in building their business in a relatively short period of time:

They don’t schedule a follow up next action step.

Is someone on your team in this position? To help them, simply remind them – respectfully, of course – how important follow up is.

Always ask a prospect for permission to follow up with them, then make sure you do. Record the date and time in your planner or device. You may have to follow up by phone and email a number of times, perhaps even over the course of months or years, but eventually you’ll get the appointment. In the process you will leave with them a very favorable impression of you as a professional they would want to do business with.


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