Are You in the Game, Warming the Bench, or on the DL?

It’s spring time here in Toronto. The temperature is on the rise, my favorite golf course should be open in a couple of weeks, my best buddy Vince and I will soon be trading war stories over a cold one on the 19th hole, and the Toronto Blue Jays are preparing yet again for a World Series win (hey, stop snickering. It could happen).

It’s easy to draw an analogy between baseball and network marketing.

You’re either in the game, warming the bench, or on the DL (Disabled List).

If you’re brand new to your company we’ll give you a break for your first week and put you in training camp. After all, we’ve got to teach you how to swing before we can expect you to hit, right?

In network marketing, you’re in the game when you’re active. By that I mean doing something every day to move your business forward. That could be introducing your opportunity to a new prospect, following up to book an appointment, working with a new team member to get them out of training camp, off the bench and in the game, doing a three-way call with your upline, etc.

You’re warming the bench when you allow a day or two to pass and you’re not doing any of the above.

You’re on the Disabled List when you stop talking to people, prefer sitting at home and watching TV to attending team conference calls or meetings, are no longer using your products regularly, can no longer navigate your back office with ease, can’t remember your distributor ID number and have to look it up before logging in, etc. I could definitely add to this list, but I’m sure you get the general idea.

To succeed in network marketing you must be in the game.

Warming the bench or being on the DL just won’t cut it. You must take the game seriously enough so that every time you step out on the field you’re playing to win. Work hard. Continue to hone your skills. Listen to your coach and trainers.

In time, and with practice, your game will improve. Soon you’ll be hitting more home runs and grand slams than anyone else on your team.

“Go Jays!”



  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I read your blog regularly. Your writing style is witty,
    keep doing what you’re doing!

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