Imagineering Your Network Marketing Team

There are many things I enjoy about being involved in network marketing. First and foremost is the knowledge that there are no limitations imposed on me in this business.

I am an entrepreneur. I do not like being accountable to anyone other than myself. The height of success to which I am capable of climbing with my network marketing company is in direct proportion to the degree of effort I am willing to put forth. That being said, I’m also human. Like you, I have my good days and my not-so-good days. Once in a while, things will blow up or simply not go according to my master plan. Hey, that’s life. But when that happens I take a little time to engage in an activity I like to call “imagineering my team.

The word “imagineering” was coined many years ago by Walt Disney. It is a blend of the words imagine and engineering and is defined as the implementing of creative ideas into practical form’.

When I need a boost, I take myself through several imagineering exercises. Here are a couple for you to try.

IMAGINE: Decide to meet one hundred people, each in a different line of work.

ENGINEERING: This is a lot easier than it sounds. Here’s what you do. List the numbers 1 through 100 on a sheet of lined paper, like so:

1. _____

2. _____

3. _____, etc.

Every day, for the next ninety days, connect with one or more new people as you go about living your life. Chat them up. At some point in the conversation, ask them what they do for a living. Tell them you enjoy networking with people. Ask if you can have a few of their business cards so that you can refer people to them in future, should the need arise for their services. Write their name and profession on one of the lines on your paper. Pretty soon, you’ll have met one hundred people, all from different professions. Connect with them and discuss your opportunity. Some will be interested enough to join your team.

IMAGINE: Remind yourself that opportunities abound to grow your business internationally. Your ultimate goal is to connect with a relatively small number of great people to work with.

To put this into perspective, here is a brief list of the largest cities in the world by metropolitan population:

New York City, USA 20,464,000

Los Angeles, USA 14,900,000

Chicago, USA 9,121,000

Toronto, Canada 6,139,000

Sydney, Australia 3,785,000

Tokyo, Japan 37,126,000

ENGINEERING: Using whatever resources you have available to you, reach out and find one key leader to work with in every city in the world in which your company does business. By the way, the above list totals 91,535,000 people, so there are more than a few to choose from!

What imagineering exercise can you think of? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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