Follow Your Passion, Find Your Purpose

Recently, I polled some people I know who have achieved high levels of success in their chosen professions. I asked them, “What was your prime motivator for entering your field?”

Interestingly enough, not one mentioned a desire to become wealthy. As a matter of fact, it never even entered the conversation. Yet they are all in superb financial shape.

What it came down to was this: each found their path to success in their field after identifying what about it they were most passionate about.

Here are a few examples:

1. A realtor, whose greatest sense of professional accomplishment comes from successfully meeting the challenge of matching couples with their dream home.

2. A chiropractor, who will never turn away a child with a mobility challenge, even if he is booked solid.

3. A once fat kid, now a personal trainer, whose passion is turning around the lives of children who are heading down the road to clinical obesity as he once was.

Each of these individuals identified their passion within their profession and, in doing so, found their purpose.

What is your Network Marketing passion? What is it about your product or business opportunity that really turns your crank?

Is it to help other people feel better? To help someone start a business? To break away from the confines of your present job and become the leader you always wanted to be? To retire in five to ten years (or have the option to leave your job)? To ease your financial or emotional stress? To create a financial safety net for you and your family in the event of job loss or a serious health challenge? To have your multi-level marketing income pay for a child’s university education? To have additional monies to donate to your church or favorite charity? To become a network marketing rock star, and lead a life of prosperity and financial freedom that most people can only dream about?

When you follow your passion, you will find your purpose and change your life. It’s never about the money. The money follows by default.

What’s your true passion? Share in the Comment box below.

What’s mine, you ask? To help those who express a desire to succeed to reach the highest levels within LifeWave (my network marketing company). When they succeed my success is guaranteed by default, and I will have met my responsibilities to them as their upline mentor and leader.


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