You Grow Your People, They Grow The Network

Here’s an excerpt from an excellent mini-book available online called, “The 7 Laws of Network Marketing Leadership” by Randy Gage.

You can’t actually grow your network, no one can. The individual actions of the majority become the driving factor of what the network does.

And that starts with personal growth. Your business will grow only as fast as you do. Everything you do to grow yourself somehow helps your business grow. You develop confidence, poise, wisdom, knowledge, and skills. All of these things make you more attractive to prospects and increases the respect you receive from your team.

The key is creating a culture of personal growth in your team.

It’s not enough to tell your people to read positive books or listen to positive audios. The truth is, most people don’t even know what that means. If you have a structured self-development program for your team, you’ll see dramatically better results.

Just like your own growth grows your business, the growth of the individual people on your team is what causes your network to grow.

I agree completely with Randy’s comments. Do you know what I consider to be amongst my greatest rewards as a leader?

When I have trained a team member so well that they no longer need me like they once did …

When I see them starting to run their own show …

When they ask me if they can present the meeting that night, because they have worked hard on developing the necessary skills and are now confident enough to do so …

When they ask me if I can come and be the special guest speaker at THEIR local meeting …

When they become independent of me, and no longer need me to help them become successful.

They still know I’m always available to them, but now they’re good to go. They’ve graduated with honours, and now they’re teaching the class.

That’s not just how you train others to be professionals in our company. It’s how you gain financial and time freedom for yourself as a leader. Every Senior Presidential Director in LifeWave knows this to be true.


Because that’s how they got there.


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