My Condo Story

Here’s an interesting little story for you.

My wife and I recently took possession of our new “weekend getaway” – a condominium in a new development north of Toronto. We purchased it off plans two years ago, and had been patiently awaiting construction completion.

It occurred to me that building a condominium complex and building a network marketing organization have a lot in common:

Condo: Starts with an entrepreneur (the builder) having an idea to create something of value and to be proud of.

NM: You attend a local business opportunity meeting, or are introduced to the products by a friend or colleague. You are intrigued and want to know more.

Condo: Corporation documents are filed. The land is acquired.

NM: You sign an application form and order your starter package.

Condo: Key people come together and agree to devote their time and expertise to the project.

NM: You share your new opportunity with others, and they agree to participate. They help you form your team.

Condo: Before construction begins, the existing land must be cleared. Debris is removed and “clean fill” is brought in.

NM: You work with your upline and your team members. You talk to people and go through the sorting process (who is interested right now, who is not).

Condo: Concrete footings are poured and the foundation is laid, providing a solid base upon which the building can now be erected.

NM: Leaders in your group begin to emerge. You establish a firm foundation from which you can grow.

(Important note: This has taken time, generally months. Along the way there have been advances and setbacks; the grounds have been pelted by rain, snow, ice and wind, and project personnel have come and gone. Still, the project prevails, unaffected. Construction continues, spirit intact, with the builder never having lost sight of his original goal).

Condo: Project management meetings continue, walls go up, windows are installed, the roof goes on, etc. Everything finally starts to “take shape”. The project begins to run more efficiently on its own. Less direct involvement is required from the builder. Senior project personnel are now experienced. Everyone knows what is expected of them. Everyone is on the same page. Supervisors are now leading teams of their own.

NM: You continue to work with your key leaders. Your leaders work with their key leaders and those who express an interest in becoming successful. Your organization continues to grow.

Condo: At long last, and after much effort on the part of dozens or hundreds of people, the project is complete and the ribbon cutting ceremony takes place.

NM: By having helped others achieve the goals they have set for themselves, you have developed an organization that is strong and deep, with a solid foundation to sustain your future growth. Years later, you have reached the pinnacle rank in your Network Marketing company.

So you see, there is no “mystery” to building a successful network marketing business. There is no “secret shortcut” or “fast path to riches”.

What it takes comes down to this: Talk To People + Sustained Effort + Leadership = Achieving the top rank in your company in 10 years or less.

That’s the goal. Write in down. Commit to it. That’s why it’s called Network Marketing.

Forget about the money; that’s just the icing on the cake. The wealth in network marketing happens by default. The company is going to pay you anyway.

Pick up the phone and talk to someone, right now. Help that individual to put a plan in place through your company to make their dreams come true. In doing so, you’ll create a life for yourself that others can only dream about.

Like the builder, you’ll have succeeded. Brick by brick.

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