Since you’ve been reading my posts you know I’m all about motivating, mentoring and inspiring you to achieve your MLM goals.

I’m always interested in meeting success-minded, self-motivated individuals from all walks of life, with or without previous network marketing experience.

Beyond my duty as a homeopathic medical practitioner, I consider myself a network marketing professional, and I take my responsibility as a mentor and team trainer very seriously.

I pride myself on my ability to create leaders within my team. Perhaps more importantly, I teach my new leaders how to duplicate this knowledge downline in their team.

Why is this so important? Because when you create duplication you create both depth and stability in your team. Many network marketers can earn an income by registering new recruits and earning fast start bonus payouts, but that level of success is temporary. It simply won’t stick. Leaders who learn to “train by duplicating” in their team create serious, significant long term, residual income.

If you are happy with your current network marketing company there is no reason to contact me. Stick with it. Give it your all and take it to the top. Just keep enjoying my posts!

But if you are unhappy, let’s talk.

In the Comment box below please include your telephone number, city, and the best time of day to contact you. We’ll discuss your MLM and personal goals – where you are now in your network marketing career, and where you would like to be. You can get to know me, and I’ll get to know you.

If we click, I’ll personally work with you and train you to build a large and successful team within my company. Rest assured, I’m prepared to match your level of effort every step along the way.

I’m associated with an awesome company called LifeWave.

To learn more about LifeWave and our product line visit my extranet site at http://www.lifewave.com/garybrown. My Sponsor number is 761018.

Here’s a great introductory video I hope you’ll enjoy. It’s called, “LifeWave: A Revolution in Health”.  Please take a few minutes to watch it.


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